World Street Painting Festival 2018The World Street Painting Festival is an annual festival with international artists. The festival consists of five days of live street painting action and an exhibition period of 2 months in the squares of Arnhem city centre. The World Street Painting Foundation organises the festival to make the city more beautiful and to make 3D art easily accessible to a wide audience.

What is street painting? A street painting is a chalk drawing, a work of art, on a pavement or in a square that is created live right in front of you. The creative process and the image are at the heart of this. Street painting is a perfect way to make a theme or art easily accessible to a wide audience in the city. In 3D street painting you as the audience can take a place and be part of the illusion. Photographs of people in various poses in the works of art provide for interaction with the art form and for surprising pictures!

What will happen during the festival? We want artists in the various stages of their careers to be able to participate in our festival. The master and apprentice method was used to great success in the Middle Ages as a way of passing on expert knowledge. The success of this formula lies in stimulating people’s capacity for self-learning. The festival will assume the role of a production (house) square. Alongside the international masters, 3D and 4D artists, an apprenticeship class will be set up for regional artists, students of the academies and street painters in the making. The playing field will also be reinforced with a community class for anyone who wants to paint and create art on the street. From amateur to semi-pro. All the street paintings will be created side by side so that cross-pollination occurs and people can learn from each other.

The 5th edition In recent years, thousands of visitors have witnessed the street painters going about their work. In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 the festival was expanded into a summer exhibition in the public arena. Previous editions of the World Street Painting Festival focussed on the themes of Freedom, WOII (2014), Van Gogh (2015) and The Olympics (2016). In 2017 the art works were related to the theme Nature. The theme of 2018 will be announced in March.

Why? The World Street Painting Foundation organises the festival to make the city more beautiful and to make topical art easily accessible to all kinds of people.

The members of the World Street Painting board are: Ans Meex – Chair
Femke Hogenbosch – Secretary
Mike Kothuis – General Board Member
Laurens Vrakking – General Board Member
Marieke van Kessel – Treasurer