• Date & Time: 5 July 2018 - 00:00
    21 October 2018 - 00:00

When: May 30, 2018
Time: from 09:00
Where: City Center Zwolle
Artists: International Street Painters

Zwolle: Street Painting starts!

30 may t/m 1 june 2018

The artists from all over the world have arrived in Zwolle and are going to work on their street drawing today. The drawings are all about the climate. They work hard for 3 days to finish their masterpiece. Seeing a 3D Street Painter in action is crazy!

When: 2 June to 1 September 2018
Time: all day
Where: Center Zwolle
Artists: International Street Painters

Zwolle: The 3D Street Paintings are finished!

2 june until 1 september 2018

After 3 days of drawing, the 3D Street Paintings are finished. From now on you can have yourself photographed in the artworks on all possible poses. You can admire the artworks in the city until 1 September 2018.

World Street Painting Arhnem Agenda



When: July 5, 2018
Time: from 09:00
Where: Center Arnhem
Artists: International Street Painters

Arnhem: Street Painting starts!

5 july 2018

The artists from all over the world have arrived in Arnhem and will today make a start on their street paintings on the theme of Nature! They will work hard and fast so that the public can marvel at their masterpieces at the end of the week during the opening of the festival. Until then you can see them in action in the city centre.

World Street Painting Arhnem Tools

When: 6, 7 & 8 july 2018
Time: from 10:00 to 17:00 o’clock

Arnhem: World Street Painting Masterclass 2018

6 untill 8 july 2018

The international “masters” (street painters) will spend three whole days passing on their skills to the “apprentices”. Anyone (18+) can sign up to create their own 2D or 3D street painting in the special Master Class.

World Street Painting Arhnem Judo

Opening Festival
When: 8 july 2018
Time: 13:00 o’clock
Where: Arnhem center

Arnhem: Reveiling of the artworks

8 july 2018

During the festive opening of the festival, the artists reveal their street drawings, which they worked extremely hard the week before. Be amazed by the lifelike drawings and let yourself be photographed in the 3D artworks. During this weekend there are lots of fun and creative activities for young and old to participate.

World Street Painting Arnhem 2015

Last day expo
When: October 21, 2018
Where: City Center Arnhem

Arnhem: Last day exposition

21 october 2018

There is an end to all the beauty, unfortunately. This is the last day that you can admire street paintings. Quickly go outside and have yourself photographed once more in the impressive 3D works of 2018.